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Region Chairman's Blog

Chairman's Word - Reflections on 2013

2013 was certainly a great year for the Northeast Region Order of the Arrow team, and I am incredibly proud of all that we were able to accomplish. When I received a text last year on December 28th to tell me that Tyler Allen was elected as the 2013 Region Chief I knew that in addition to being a very busy year, it would be a fun one, and, it surely has been!

As 2012 came to a close we were engaged in what turned out to be a very successful fundraising campaign to provide service grants to lodges to help repair damage and destruction from Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to the amazing support we received we were able to award 10 lodges grants that totaled $60,000.

We also did a few new things this year in addition to our usual training events, by adding an NLS Train the Trainer and the Key 3 Summit. Both were hugely successful and will be repeated at some point in the near future. We also continued our branding of our logo we introduced in 2012, and the sales of the merchandise helped subsidize events like the Train the Trainer and other things that we do.

I am incredibly proud as I look back on the Section Chiefs who served in 2012 and 2013, and want to be sure to recognize a few who took on extra responsibilities.

  • Many of our Section Chiefs played a key leadership role at the 2013 Jamboree. I was only able to visit for a few hours, but was very happy to be getting reports back home of how great all of our Chiefs from the Northeast were doing.
  • Elliot Gault, or, Tall Chief, as I like to call him, stepped up to lead our NLS contract completion efforts. He works in advance of the seminars to train the staff members, and then does extensive follow up after each seminar to be sure contracts are completed and turned in. This has resulted in a positive increase in completions over 2012.
  • Raymond Cheung has done more than one could imagine to help us raise the bar in the region. Whether developing training sessions for the Gathering of Leaders or the Key 3 Summit, or leading the best “Riddle of Man” session at our NLS’s that I have ever seen done, or his work with the national Communications team, everything he touches is better because of his involvement.
  • Even though he left us in January as a Section Chief, how could I not mention our National Vice Chief Jordan Hughes? He certainly made us proud in all he did this year as he represented the Order of the Arrow in his travels all across the country!

I am also incredibly lucky to have such a great team of adults advisers helping me make things run effectively throughout the year. I give a special thanks to:

  • Our Section Advisers who I count on to deliver messages to Lodge Advisers, promote our events, get charters in on time, and so much more!
  • NLS Support Coordinator Bob Chaballa has built an amazing system to make every event that we do run smoothly, and be great! He knows I expect a lot, and he always exceeds those expectations!
  • NLATS Coordinator Scott Best has developed a new system for contract distribution and collection and that has immediately improved our completion percentages.
  • The crew at Camp Alpine has worked hard to handle the increase in events we did this year and has done an excellent job.
  • Scott Valcourt stepped up in a lot of ways, among them producing great shows for the Gathering of Leaders and the Key 3 Summit.
  • Dan O’Rourke has worked behind the scenes advising our Chiefs on the NLS Contract Completion team helping to increase the percentages of contracts completed.
  • Kay Trick and Glenn Greubel produced record trading post sales at our events this fall, and those additional funds allow us to do more to help lodges.
  • Ollie Burks and Jennifer Bevan help with online event registration, and Debbie Dyson and Stephanie Jordan help with other needs out of the national OA office.
  • There are many other people that have helped me throughout the year, and not enough space to list them, so, to all of you that did something to help me or the region be successful, please accept my thanks!
  • Lastly, I can always count on, and appreciate, the support of our Regional President Hab Butler. He always makes himself available and, for the 2nd year in a row, spent time with us at one of our events.

Finally, our team was successful because we act and work like a team, and, the other two members of the Key 3 play a huge part in all we do.

We are blessed to have Brian Gray as our Staff Adviser. He is a tireless supporter of all that we do and all of the new things that I want to try! He is fully integrated in everything we do and every event that we hold, and, we sure have a lot of fun working together!

Lastly, our Chief Tyler Allen has done an outstanding job. It has been great to watch Tyler grow as a leader, from our first trip to the Train the Trainer in California in January of 2012, throughout the leadership roles he held that year, and as our Chief this year. He puts his heart in to everything he touches, takes pride in what he does, and has a lot to be proud of.

I continue to tell people that I have the best job in Scouting, and, I say that because that’s how I feel. I get to work with amazing young men, the best team of adults, and, together, we have been able to accomplish some great things.

I look forward to 2014 and being able to continue the upward progress in to the new year.

Thanks to everyone who has played a part to make us successful, and for all that you do to make the best youth serving program in the world happen!

About the Chairman


Bob Black
Northeast Region Chairman

Bob is an Eagle Scout, and has been awarded the Vigil Honor and Founder's Award by Otahnagon Lodge, Baden-Powell Council. Bob has served as Lodge Adviser, Section Adviser, Council Vice President, Area 3 Communications committee, the Adviser to the National Digital Media Team, a member of the National Region and Section Operations Subcommittee, and has held leadership roles in several national events. Bob has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award and the Silver Beaver. He resides in Vestal, NY, and professionally, is a Program Manager for defense contractor BAE Systems.

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