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Region Chairman's Blog

Chairman's Word - A Summer to Remember

As I look back, I am amazed at the road that we’ve covered this summer in celebration of the Order of the Arrow’s first century of service. An incredible amount of planning and execution went into these events.

First, is ArrowTour. It was a project that was a year and a half in the making. The kickoff was at Resica Falls Scout Reservation for Unami Lodge’s centennial bash the last weekend in May. While the truck almost wasn’t available, and the tents almost didn’t make it, a good deal of elbow grease pulled it off. Thanks to the road crew and staff that made the trip to Resica Falls multiple times to make sure that the tour started on-schedule:

  • Road Crew - Kyle Piper, Kyle Raffensperger, Mitchell Heisler, Chris Boyle and Alex Hughes. These guys didn’t leave the tour until NOAC, and were the heroes of the tour. Special recognition to Kyle Piper who had special responsibility as the road crew chief and had to answer emails, texts, and calls from me during the tour.

  • Drivers - Bob Chaballa, Bob Killen, Neil Morton, Glenn Greubel, Rick Ahlberg, Rob Hoitt, Jim Castanzo and Craig Spink. These guys made the tour move.

  • Support Staff - Tanner Lashinsky and Scott Valcourt. These guys did a lot of the planning, execution, and worrying during the tour. 

ArrowTour provided a glimpse of the 100 years of our Order to more than 6,600 guests in the Northeast this summer, and it gave me a few more grey hairs. A big thanks to these guys that made it happen for the Northeast Region.

Then NOAC. Some key conference program elements were provided by the NER. A number of key contributors to the conference success were doing their planning while on ArrowTour.

  • “The Secret to Ruling the World” - The thematic signature training session to the conference was the brainchild of Mitchell Heisler and Raymond Cheung, with support by Brant Portner and Elliot Gault. The group played to a sold-out crowd for 6 sessions at NOAC.

  • “Developing Youth Leaders” - NLATS is being re-engineered. Part of that re-engineering was a rollout of the DYL 3 day session. Kyle Piper, a member of the national training committee, worked nights on ArrowTour to develop his parts of the training. I attended one day at NOAC, and it’s a great start! I’m looking forward to new adult targeted training in the 2016-2017 time period.

  • “Region Chief” - Recognition goes for no small effort to Matt Bell.  Matt was running constantly to support the NOAC shows, NOAC programs and section gatherings at night. The region chief has no free time (before midnight) at NOAC, and Matt represented the NER with style (awesome NER Malibu sunglasses).

  • The ArrowTour guys didn’t sleep either. ArrowTour had to be put to bed, all the materials distributed, while at the same time the program was being played out one last time during conference. Tanner Lashinsky took a leadership role in the breaking down of the ArrowTour caravans, and drove one of the trucks to The Summit after NOAC.

A big hand goes to those that supported the national program this summer for the Northeast Region!

While the summer of the centennial was going on, the rest of the Northeast Region staff was keeping the region running back home, and will be the topic of my next blog post. 

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Bob is an Eagle Scout, and has been awarded the Vigil Honor and Founder's Award by Otahnagon Lodge, Baden-Powell Council. Bob has served as Lodge Adviser, Section Adviser, Council Vice President, Area 3 Communications committee, the Adviser to the National Digital Media Team, a member of the National Region and Section Operations Subcommittee, and has held leadership roles in several national events. Bob has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award and the Silver Beaver. He resides in Vestal, NY, and professionally, is a Program Manager for defense contractor BAE Systems.

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