Region Committee

Region Committee

The Northeast Region region committee consists of youth and adult that work to ensure the proper execution of region programs. The team is selected by the Northeast Region chief each year. The team's primary responsibility is to the region chief.

 Northeast Region Operating Committees and Staff

 Function   Youth Coordinator   Region Committee Member 
 Chief/Chairman  Justin St. Louis   Bob Chaballa
 Staff Adviser     Brad Bowerbox 
 National Leadership Seminar    Bob Chaballa 
 NLS Contract Completion   Matt Henry  Patrick Rooney 
 Developing Youth Leadership Conference     Scott Best 
 Cub Scout Task Force     Jeff Goldsmith 
 Region Shows Coordinator     Scott Valcourt*
 Memorabilia & Marketing    Mark Chilutti*
 Journey to Excellence / Link   Mike Fingar  Tony Roman
 High Adventure   Aaron Coffman  Travis Cunningham 
 Trading Post    Kay Trick*
 Historian     Ken Davis* 
 Communications  Youth Coordinator   Region Committee Member 
 Coordinator  John Zain  Scott Armstrong 
 Production  Jason Kiesling  Ben Gorton
 Content  Victor Hinojosa  
 Facebook  Chris Craig  
 Twitter  Jason Kiesling  
 Instagram  Alex Rose  
 Visual Media  Declan Schoen  
 Website  Thomas Hall Peter Bird


*national committee member 

Region Leadership

Northeast Region

Justin St. Louis

Northeast Region

Bob Chaballa

Northeast Region
Staff Adviser

Brad Bowsersox