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Region Leadership

Justin St. Louis
Region Chief
Bob Chaballa
Region Chairman
Brad Bowersox
Region Staff Adviser


The Northeast Region Communications Team publishes the quarterly newsletter

The Compass Point

to share news and information with the members of the Northeast Region. Below are articles from past issues.

2018 DSA Selections

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor Order of the Arrow members, youth and adults, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The...

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2018 Lodge Award Recipients

Congratulations to the Northeast region lodges who were awarded the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award, Order of the Arrow Innovation Award and the National Service Award in 2017! The E. Urner Goodman Camping Award was established in...

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2017 National Planning Meeting

Section Chiefs, National Committee Members and other key leaders in the Order of the Arrow gathered for the 2017 National Planning Meeting (NPM) from December 27th to 30th in Dallas, Texas. This year’s National Planning Meeting was

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From the Northeast Region Chairman

Arrowmen of the NER, With a new year brings new opportunities, new youth, new officers and a new Region Chief and new Region Chairman. Justin St. Louis and I are excited to have the opportunity to serve the Northeast Region this...

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2017 LES Recap

On March 4, 2017, Section NE-1 held its annual Lodge Excellence Summit which notable Arrowmen from around the New England area attended. Many Arrowmen outside of NE-1 have probably not heard of LES, myself included. LES is the...

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Challenge the Ordinary: GOL Recap

In mid-September at Camp Alpine, NJ, roughly 100 Arrowmen took a pledge to Challenge the Ordinary during one of the premier leadership events the Northeast Region has to offer; the Gathering of Leaders (GOL). During the event...

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National Leadership Seminar

Are you interested in becoming a future leader in your chapter, lodge or region? Look no further than the Order of the Arrow’s National Leadership Seminar. The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend-long intensive leadership...

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Adventure Awaits

The Order of the Arrow High Adventure (OAHA) program was established for Arrowmen to have the opportunity to experience the happiness that lies in forgetfulness of self through serving Boy Scouts of America’s high adventure bases...

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