About Us

The Northeast Region serves Arrowmen throughout the great Northeast, and the world, and is composed of lodges which span across Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Transatlantic councils, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.The Northeast Region leadership includes the region key three (region chief, region chairman, and region staff adviser) as well as operational committees.The Region is responsible primary to assist the sections of the Northeast Region, serve all the Arrowmen in the Northeast Region, and provide training which focuses on the skills and attributes of leadership, and the Order of the Arrow. These training seminars are called National Leadership Seminar and Developing Youth Leadership Conference.

Purpose of the Northeast Region

The Northeast Region exists for many purposes, including the promotion of the Order of the Arrow and its goals within the region. The region also assists in promoting and coordinating national events such as the Philmont Trail Crew, OA Wilderness Voyage, and the National Order of the Arrow Conference. Beyond general administration, the Northeast Region, under the leadership of the region chief, runs three National Leadership Seminars (NLS), two Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC), and one Gathering of Leaders (GOL) annually.  The Northeast Region Order of the Arrow program is run under the direction of the region chief, who is advised by a volunteer, the region chairman, and a professional Scouter, the region staff adviser, much like every level in the Order of the Arrow program including the lodge.




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