About the Northeast Region Staff Adviser

Brad Bowersox

Northeast Region Staff Adviser



Brad has been involved in Scouting for 47 years. He is an Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow Vigil Member.

He has served in scouting career jobs in eight Councils: and has served as a Scout executive in two councils Hagerstown Maryland and Ann Arbor Michigan. He is currently serving as an Area Director where he supports the operation of nine councils in upstate New York and Vermont. Brad is married to Michele and they have two boys, Brett, and Adam, both are Eagle scouts. Brad enjoys being active in the community. He has been active in Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, his Church, and Leadership Programs. Hobbies include: hiking, reading, and community service.

Brad is known for his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the Scouting Program. Area three of the northeast region serves nearly 45,000 and 20,000 adult volunteers in New York and Vermont. He has served as a career Scouter for 34 years.