Order of the Arrow High Adventure

Each summer, the Order of the Arrow offers a myriad of different High Adventure opportunities to meet your summer needs. Maybe it's going for a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean with the Ocean Adventure at the Florida Sea Base. Or maybe hiking is your passion; if so, what better place to go than the Philmont Scout Ranch, where you can hike the same trails as your Scoutmaster or Scouting ancestors as a part of your Trail Crew experience? Have you ever thought about what the Native Americans and early explorers did to be avid traders? Maybe the OA Voyage is your calling. Whatever your summer aspirations may be, these National High Adventure bases have put together a multitude of options for you.

Why should you attend OAHA?

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The Northeast Region high adventure program scholarship was created in  hopes to provide monetary support to Arrowmen within the region by  paying a partial or full scholarship to one of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs.

It is the purpose of the region to provide for first-time participating  Arrowmen in hopes to enlighten their Order of the Arrow experience  through participation in one of these programs. These programs are the  epitome of what the OA represents: brotherhood, cheerfulness and service. It is for this reason that the Northeast Region and its  leadership find it so imperative to not only support these programs, but  to also offer financial assistance for Arrowmen to help pay for the  program costs.

The amount awarded to recipients will be up to $250. The Northeast Region  Key 3 will determine the committee that will select the recipients each  year.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Must be a first-time participant in an OAHA program prior to submission of the application

2. Must have current lodge dues paid for the upcoming year

3. Must have approval from the lodge adviser

4. Must meet all requirements and be admitted to an OA High Adventure program.

Scholarship forms must be received by March 31st.

Scholarship Application