2017 LES Recap

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On March 4, 2017, Section NE-1 held its annual Lodge Excellence Summit which notable Arrowmen from around the New England area attended. Many Arrowmen outside of NE-1 have probably not heard of LES, myself included.

LES is the annual leadership training gathering that each section has, and for NE-1, it was a successful summit. I spoke with NE-1 Section Chief Justin St. Louis and asked him about what LES was all about, as he just attended and hosted the most recent summit. He stated, “it is an opportunity for the leadership of the section to get together and hold training workshops and set goals for the section in the coming year.” What was unique about LES this year was that they introduced a new way of training through four levels: Engage, Envision, Inspire and Empower.

The goal with the first two levels is to have an Arrowman learn how he can become more involved in his lodge, and from there seeing himself in higher leadership positions in the Order of the Arrow. The third level of training is designed for lodge officers and it’s goal is to help the officers with problems that are common in lodges. Through the use of hypothetical scenarios lodge officers can learn how to address these common problems, and in conclusion they can set new goals for the lodge. The final level is for Advisers, who also can benefit from training in addition to the youth! This basically is a way for the Advisers to learn how to walk the line between advising youth, and keeping the lodges youth-led. It's a well-defined, yet thin line, but with proper training it can be found easily.

The Arrowmen ended the summit by setting goals that could be attained by their next fellowship, which for NE-1 falls in June of this year. Overall, the Arrowmen of NE-1 saw the training, goal setting and overall program of LES as a success.