A Conference Vice Chief's Perspective

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Being a Conference Vice Chief at NOAC was one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences of my life. However, it was not just about what was done at NOAC, but the planning done leading up to the event.

Back in December at the Order of the Arrow’s National Planning meeting, section chiefs and key volunteers from across the nation came together with two goals in mind. The first of which was to elect the next group of national officers and the second of which was to prepare for NOAC 2018, the national program of emphasis for the year. A less well known fact about the NPM is that following the national officer elections, the section chiefs are split into 10 different NOAC committees. Within each committee, the section officers elect a committee lead, known as the Conference Vice Chief.

I had the pleasure of serving as the Activities, Recreation, and Competitions CVC. I oversaw and lead the planning for every activity and competitions at the conference. Leading up to NOAC, there was a lot of planning and calls made to assure that everything was ready. There was also an onsite meeting where all the CVCs, National Officers, and lead advisers went to Indiana University to plan locations for activities and get a feel for the atmosphere of the college we would be holding this memorable event at. In addition to planning the events, I lead the recruitment effort to get staff members to run the events and activities.

Once I got onsite at NOAC there was still a lot of work to be done. In the days leading up to the delegates arriving there were lots of meetings, last minute organizing, and finalization so that once the staff arrived we were ready to start set up before the delegates arrived. Once the Delegates arrived it was my job to oversee and make sure things were no issues with all the activities that fell under my committee.

It was an extremely rewarding and fun opportunity to be able to experience NOAC from a different perspective as a Conference Vice Chief.