April 2017 NLS Recap

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On April 7-9 2017, the Northeast Region held the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) at Camp Spencer, located in the Broad Creek Scout Reservation. The premier leadership development course known as NLS, brought leaders from across the Northeast Region and Nation to teach the participants various styles of leadership and how to implement them using real-life scenarios.

The teaching conducted at NLS uses various role-playing scenarios, group discussions and lesson plans. When asked about the importance of NLS, 2017 Northeast Region Chief Jon Hagenow had stated, “It is a high intensity weekend course that provides invaluable learning opportunity within a 48 hour window. Those skills can be used by participants for years to come as they move out of Scouting and into their professional lives.” The curriculum in place for the weekend long training course is designed specifically those who have or will have a leadership within the Order of the Arrow. Whether it be on the chapter, lodge, section or even regional level, this training will prepare you for it.

Unlike many other trainings both Scouts and Scouters have encountered, NLS goes more in depth with leadership skills, strategies, situations and overall understanding people as a whole. When asked what is the main thing participants should take away from NLS Jon Hagenow stated, “ I believe each aspect of the weekend has a very important and specific role in leadership and is important to use together to be the best leader you can be. This can be thought of like the famous “Join, or Die” cartoon from Benjamin Franklin, without using all the tools participants learn about in one way or the other the leader could not be so successful.” These aspects help build the participants as well rounded leaders within the Order of the Arrow.

The next NLS will be held at Camp Alpine on November 10-12, 2017. If you are interested in attending this premier training event, we encourage you to do so. Contact either your Lodge Adviser or Lodge Chief today and ask them about how to attend. We look forward to seeing you take the lead at the National Leadership Seminar!