Arrowmen Take the Lead at #LEAD

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On January 28th, Arrowmen from across NE-6A and NE-6B gathered at Carroll Community College in Westminster, Maryland for a day of premier training. This marked the third annual training event co-hosted by both NE-6A and NE-6B, which began in 2015.

The training event held a range of classes that encompassed both youth and adult students. They ranged from ceremonies, communications, and even Order of the Arrow High Adventure (OAHA). #LEAD brought experienced trainers, from across the Northeast Region, to provide new innovative ways to teach and implement ideas within the attendees’ lodges.

The attendees present could take up to four training classes for the whole day. These classes and programs dealt with every aspect of the Order of the Arrow. New Arrowmen could first get involved with the ‘New Arrowman’, ‘Inductions and Ceremonies’ and even the ‘General Leadership’ training tracks.

Some classes were more specialized depending on the role some Arrowmen hold within their lodge. These dealt with ‘Communications and Technology’, ‘Program and Logistics’ and the ‘Youth Committee Members’ tracks. No matter what the age or experience of the Arrowman who attends this incredible event, there is a class for everyone.

By attending this innovative leadership seminar co-hosted by NE-6A and NE-6B, all participants will gain new knowledge in how to obtain and implement fundamental practices in order to make a difference within their lodges. Will you be ready to lead the way, next year?