Chiefly Speaking

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What a year we have had. Coming out of a record breaking centennial year, in every sense of the meaning; there was a lot of speculation about how this year would play out. Could lodges build off of the success of the previous year? Will people be burnt out? Have we hit our climax as an organization? These past months answered all of those questions and more, showing that not only have we not reached our climax, but the best is yet to come.

This year, sections continued to see better than average lodge engagement and attendance at conclave; lodges took the participation they saw last year and built on it, and our national programs filled up once again. This is great. No one would look back at this 101st year of our organization and call it failure by any stretch – but is it our best? At this year’s program of emphasis NEXT: A New Century, the OA gathered over 1300 of its best and brightest in an effort to challenge the ordinary; to look at what the OA does well and where it falters, to ensure even greater success in our second century. After seeing the passion that arrowmen all across the nation have for the OA, there is no doubt in my mind that our first century was just the beginning.

The band Rage Against the Machine said “Good, Better, Best. You can never let it rest, until your good becomes your better, becomes your best.” Each of you has an idea that can make your troop, chapter, lodge, community and our organization as a whole better. But those ideas are just dreams until you choose to take action. Don’t sit back and wait for others to act for you; run for the position you think is just out of your reach, challenge the status quo, and share the value of our program with others. You can make a positive change that will propel us to future success; I dare you to make your better your best – I dare you to take action.

In service,

Chris Boyle
2016 Northeast Region Chief