Conor Power elected Northeast Region Chief

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On December 28, 2020 at the National Planning Meeting in Dallas Texas, Conor Power from Section NE-1 was elected the 2020 Northeast Region Chief!

Conor is from Hingham, Massachusetts and is a Vigil Honor member of Tantamous Lodge of Mayflower Council. On top of recently serving as the Section NE-1 chief, he has also had time to attend both the 2017 jamboree as well as the 2018 NOAC. Conor currently attends Stonehill College as a communications major. He plans to serve as a brand identity strategist for nonprofit organizations. To pass the time, Conor enjoys camping and pursuing his hobby of graphic design. Congratulations, Conor!

Among other goals for the year, Conor plans on attending as many Northeast Region section conclaves and ACT Conferences as possible, in addition to lodge events. Through this, he hopes to continue to support lodges and sections as they work to become high performing!

You may contact Conor via email at