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Arrowmen of the NER,

With a new year brings new opportunities, new youth, new officers and a new Region Chief and new Region Chairman. Justin St. Louis and I are excited to have the opportunity to serve the Northeast Region this year. We are looking forward to the many events and opportunities where we can provide service and training. In addition to reconnecting with our “Old” Scouting OA friends, we are especially excited to be able to meet our new Arrowmen.

NLS/DYLC – The Northeast Region conducts some of the best training courses in the nation.  The quality of our courses is due to the effort that our course facilitators and staff put into each and every training event.

Arrowman who are interested in attending one of our premier training courses should talk to their Lodge Adviser – we would love to have all three courses sell-out again this year. The Arrowmen who attend these training events prove that the Order is strong and that our youth and adults want to make a positive impact on their Council, Chapters, Lodges, Sections and the world in which we live. Please join us in 2018 at one of these great training events.

NOAC 2018 is shaping up to be an outstanding conference. The committees are hard at work planning another exceptional National event. There are so many new and exciting features coming to NOAC. It will be one of the best conference we have ever seen!

The NOAC 2018 slogan, revealed during the 2017 National Planning Meeting, is Decide Your Destiny. This slogan reinforces the conference learning objective: Today’s decisions shape tomorrow’s reality. Together, these elements make up the NOAC theme.  We hope to see many of our NER brothers at NOAC!

Lodge Key 3 Summit – On the weekend of October 5th through 7th, Lodge Chiefs, Lodge Advisers and Lodge Staff Advisers from every Lodge in the Northeast Region are invited to take part in this special event. It will be held at Camp Alpine in Alpine, NJ. Please put this event on your Lodge calendars!

The event will include trainings and breakout sessions by position, idea and best practice sharing and information about new and upcoming programs in the OA. The breakout sessions will include topics like: How to Help Lodges Become a “High Performing Lodge” and Understanding the Three Steps to Better Retention: Election, Induction and Activation. Our goal is to provide every Lodge with the tools and knowledge the need in order for them to be the best they can be. During the Summit, attendees will have a chance to meet and hear from several special guests as well as members of the National OA Committee.

The event will be led by our Region Chief, Justin St. Louis and staffed by other members of the National OA Committee including past officers and advisers.  More information and registration links will be available this Spring.

ArrowCorps Puerto Rico – Arrowmen from across the country have volunteered to help our Brothers in Puerto Rico rebuild their camp. This event is full! It sold out in 5 weeks! Thank you to everyone who signed-up and THANK YOU for your service to Camp Gujataka in Puerto Rico.

And we can’t forget to thank all the Arrowman who purchased the Hurricane Maria Relief patch and chenille with proceed going to help fund this critical service project.


Your Region Key 3 appreciates all that you do in your leadership role. There are so many great things happening in the Northeast Region. Our Region’s youth and adult leaders are making a mark in so many different parts of the National OA program. Thank you for doing your part to promote the excellent program available to our youth at Lodge, Section, Region and National events. Thank You!!

How to reach the Key 3 - We are available to help you with anything that you need in order to be successful! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Region Chief Justin St. Louis can be reached via email at:

Region Chairman Bob Chaballa can be reached via email at:

Region Staff Adviser Brad Bowersox can be reached via email at:

I look forward to an exciting year in the Northeast Region.  The NER is ready for 2018! We hope you’ll join us at one or more events this year!

In Service,


Bob Chaballa | 2018 Northeast Region Chairman


Order of the Arrow