Letter from the Northeast Region Chairman

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Arrowmen of the NER,

As the brisk fall weather settles in on the Northeast Region, and as the leaves begin to change, I am reminded of what an amazing year the NER has had and all the changes we have made to arrowmen lives.

January - Twelve youth Arrowmen traveled to Houston for the National NLS Train-the-Trainer for the roll-out of the brand new NLS.

February - NER TTT for our NLS youth to practice their skills and prepare for the NER rollout of the new NLS in March.

March - NLS/DYLC – The Northeast Region conducts some of the best training courses in the nation.  The quality of our courses is due to the effort that our course facilitators and staff put into each and every training event.

March - ArrowCorps Puerto Rico – approximately 100 Arrowmen from across the country volunteered to help our Brothers in Puerto Rico rebuild their camp, damage by hurricane Maria. Thank you to everyone who attended and THANK YOU for your service to Camp Gujataka in Puerto Rico.

April – NLS/DYLC - another training weekend in New Hampshire for youth and adults from the New England area.

May/June – Conclave Season – with 9 of 10 great conclaves held in May and June (the last being held in August).
Conclaves are weekends to gather as sections to showcase the best of the best from every section. 2018 conclaves were awesome!!

July/August – NOAC – Over 1500 youth and adults from the NER attend NOAC!
If you missed this one – you missed a great event, but plan to join us in 2020 - August 3-8!

September – Gathering of Leaders for Section leadership – Introduced the HPL concept to our section leadership, giving them the tools to work with their home lodges,  starting the process for every lodge in the NER to be a HPL.

October - HPL Summit – WOW!!  - 100 arrowmen from 36 lodges in the NER came together at Camp Scout Alpine, to start planning how to make their lodges all High Performing.  Great weekend! Thank you all for attending!

November – we will hold our 3rd NLS/DYLC for the year – Once again – it promises to be a stellar OA Training Event.

As you can see 2018 was a busy year…..Thank YOU for joining us and supporting the Northeast Region!

Arrowman who are interested in attending one of our premier training courses should contact their Lodge Adviser.  The Arrowmen who attend these training events prove that the Order is strong and that our youth and adults want to make a positive impact on their Council, Chapters, Lodges, Sections and the world in which we live. Please join us in November or make plans to attend NLS/DYLC in 2019 at one of these great training events.

National Leadership Seminar March &  Developing Youth Leadership Conf .
March 8 – 10, 2019 - Alpine Scout Camp, Alpine NY

National Leadership Seminar
April 26 – 28, 2019 - Camp Bucoco, Slippery Rock PA

Gathering of Leaders – Section Leadership
September 20 – 22, 2019, Alpine Scout Camp,  Alpine, NJ

National Leadership Seminar & Developing Youth Leadership Conf.
November 8 – 10, 2019 – Alpine Scout Camp, Alpine NJ

National Planning Meeting (NPM) – Section Chiefs
December 27 – 30, 2019 - West Lake, TX


Your Region Key 3 appreciates all that you do in your leadership role. There are so many great things happening in the Northeast Region. Our Region’s youth and adult leaders are making a mark in so many different parts of the National OA program. Thank you for doing your part to promote the excellent program available to our youth at Lodge, Section, Region and National events.  Thank You!!

How to reach the Key 3- We are available to help you be successful! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Region Chief Justin St. Louis can be reached via email at: 2018chief@northeast.oa-bsa.org<mailto:2018chief@northeast.oa-bsa.org>

Region Chairman Bob Chaballa can be reached via email at: chairman@northeast.oa-bsa.org<mailto:chairman@northeast.oa-bsa.org>

Region Staff Adviser Brad Bowersox can be reached via email at: Brad.Bowersox@scouting.org<mailto:Brad.Bowersox@scouting.org>

In Service

Bob Chaballa | Northeast Region Chairman

Order of the Arrow

610.680.6502 | chairman@northeast.oa-bsa.org