Lowwapanews: Keeping Scouts ActiveDuring an Uncertain Time

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Lowwapanews: Keeping Scouts Active During an Uncertain Time


Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, many units in the Boy Scouts of America face challenges in advancement. One lodge in our region stepped up to the occasion and provided advancement resources to our Scouts in a new and exciting way! Lowwapaneu Lodge 19 began a new web series back in April entitled “Lowwapanews”. The program has served as a way to keep Scouts active and advancing during quarantine, with detailed skill instruction and fun programming to go along with it.


This series acts as a news program, with Lowwapaneu Lodge Chief Leo Kehagias acting as the anchor for the show. Every episode starts with a simple introduction from Leo: “Hello everyone, and welcome to Lowwapanews: programming made by Scouts, for Scouts, right here in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council.” The anchor then segways into a weather report, usually conducted by a different Arrowman every episode. After this, the program shows a skill instruction video for a BSA rank requirement or a merit badge requirement, also taught by different Arrowmen in every episode. These skills range from assembling a standard camp tent, to treating basic injuries, to how to fold a flag, and even requirements for the Horsemanship merit badge. After the skill instruction, the program either shows a Scouting riddle or joke, or a segment called “Goat Talk,” where Leo sits with one of his many goats and talks about Scouting history or other Scouting-related topics that make for what are sometimes the best segments from the show. Every episode ends with a Scoutmaster’s Minute, conducted by a different adult leader from the council every episode, providing wisdom on what is happening currently in the Scouting organization or what is happening in the country at the current time.


Each episode of Lowwapanews encapsulates what the bulk of a regular troop meeting consists of in a mere 20 minutes or less. There have been 15 episodes of Lowwapanews recorded so far, and each one is posted on the Lowwapaneu191 YouTubechannel. Two of these episodes have been shot at the wonderful Goose Pond Scout Reservation, the lodge’s summer camp. The “Lowwapanews” program has reached beyond Pennsylvania and the Northeast Region, with viewers spanning from Florida to California. Overall, the Lowwapanews show has accomplished its goal and has done even more than that: it has given Scouts from across the country an opportunity to keep on advancing and to keep Scouting on their minds during the pandemic and during a time of true uncertainty. It has also given different members of Lowwapaneu Lodge opportunities to showcase their abilities with instruction and with speaking, with the weather reports and the Scout riddles and jokes.