Lodges Make Efforts to Grow at ACT Conferences

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In 2019, the Order of the Arrow introduced a new training program known as the Adapt, Collaborate, and Thrive (ACT) Conference. In 2020, every section in the Order of the Arrow will host an ACT Conference. So far, four sections in the Northeast Region have held their ACT conferences. All of the Arrowmen who participate in the ACT Conferences have walked away enabled to make their lodges high performing,

On January 11th, Arrowmen from Section NE-5 gathered at Raritan Valley Community College for the first ACT Conference in the region. Throughout the day, the lodge leaders were taught very important lessons on improving lodge practices. Facilitators included Northeast Region Chief Conor Power and National Chief Zach Schonfeld. 

On January 25, Section NE-6A hosted their ACT Conference at Anne Arundel Community College. Led by Power and immediate past National Vice Chief Eric Harrison, the attendees developed plans and practices to better improve their lodges’ program. 

On February 22, the lodge leaders of Section NE-2A convened at Camp Mattatuck in Plymouth, Connectituct for their ACT conference. Led by the section officers, participants ensured a bright future for Arrowmen in New York, Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

On March 7th, the Arrowmen of New England and Section NE-1 came together at Trinity High School in Manchester, NH for their ACT Conference. The lodge leaders were guided through the sessions by Conor Power, Zach Schonfeld, and NE-5 Section Chief Derek Porter. These experienced Arrowmen taught the NE-1 lodge leaders how to improve and maintain the High Performing Lodge metrics of election, induction, and activation rates. 

The ACT Conference is an intensive training aimed to assist lodges and develop practices to enable them to be a High Performing Lodge. With 4 sections down, there are 6 more ACT Conferences taking place this year in the Northeast Region!