National Order of the Arrow Conference

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The 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference is here! To access the official NOAC 2018 website, click here.

While at NOAC, participants will stay in college dorms at Indiana University and eat in the campus cafeteria. NOAC features an innumerable amount of activities, including dynamic trainings in topics like leadership and lodge operation, competitions in various lodge games and American Indian activities, lively evening shows with numerous special guests and performances, and so much more! When at NOAC, Arrowmen will never be bored! Their mornings will be spent attending some of the best training cells that the OA has to offer. In the afternoon, Arrowmen may roam the IU campus to experience the wide range of adventurous and exciting activities. Finally, all participants will head to the IU stadium every night for giant, thrilling shows that will feature exciting demonstrations, compelling speeches, and much more.

Download the app!

Each participant should have received an email from the NOAC 2018 app asking you to create your account and download the app onto your smartphone. The app will be your central place for information and updates during the conference along with access to the conference wide game. For more information on the app, click here.

Attend the region gathering!

Where you are from does not define who you are; chart your own course and decide your own destiny! During the NOAC 2018 Region Gathering, your region chief will guide you through a labyrinth of checkpoints to showcase what makes each region special. Spend time catching up with Arrowmen within your section, make new friends from across the region, and meet your region chief! These gatherings will feature a special program, games, inflatables, and more; there's no better way to spend your Thursday night than at your Region Gathering.

Have fun!

While at NOAC, be sure to have fun! Our region leadership will be throughout the conference and look forward to seeing you at IU!