NOAC from a Delegate's Perspective

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From the moment of arrival to the moment of departure there was nothing but smiles, laughs, and patches in hand. The 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference was absolutely incredible. From the first day forward every inch of open space was filled with patch traders and at first glance it seemed like all there was to do but after opening the NOAC app I discovered that there was so much more. There was something for everyone: for the thinkers there was the Escape Room; for the leaders there were endless trainings; for the thrill seekers there was log rolling, crate stacking, and pole climbing; for the athletes there was volleyball, and basketball; and for the water lovers there was a massive outdoor pool with 2 diving boards and 2 diving platforms.

There were no program areas that weren’t filled with scouts looking for fun, adventure or achievement and for every scout looking I’m sure they found it. Throughout the week we completed challenges listed on the NOAC app to earn points in a game called Seek. We earned points from checking in at different activities and meeting new people, by clicking our wristbands near other peoples wristbands or at location checkpoints we earned “Seek Points.” Seek was an excellent way to encourage both exploration and to meeting new people!

By the time of the Wayfinder fair on Friday we had all met so many people we were running into our new friends while checking out the different lodge stations they had setup. It was a great way to all come together for the final full day of NOAC.

Of course, nothing was more impactful than the shows. Filled with a deep meaning that really showed where the theme “Decide your Destiny” came from many scouts left with a whole new meaning of life and the way they live it. Overall I’m certain that when I attend NOAC in 2020 I’ll run into a lot of the same people I met at Indiana University for this NOAC.