Northeast Region Gathering

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This year's NOAC Region Gatherings; an evening of fun and fellowship bringing together contingents from across their regions, were not to be missed. After dinner on Thursday, contingents from each region gathered at different locations on the campus of Indiana University.  Northeast Region contingents entered into a maze past a flag for each Section. Each turn of the maze was decided upon by the contingent’s answer to a question such as; “If a car continued on its path it would kill four pedestrians and keep the driver alive or the car could veer off and kill just the driver”. One answer would cause the contingent to follow one path and the other would cause them to go down a different path. The message behind the activity was that; your destiny is decided by the even the small choices you make throughout your life.

Later, our Region Chief, Justin St.Louis, introduced the NOAC Lip-Sync competition where our fellow Northeast Region brothers selected finalists for the national competition later in the week, but the lip-sync battle between the National Vice Chief, Michael Kipp, and Justin was definitely the highlight of that event!

Following the battles, Justin a speech that definitely inspired many in attendance to Decide Their Destiny. With the conclusion of Justin’s speech, the NOAC Talent Show Northeast Region finals began. We heard an impressive beatboxer followed by two great singers. With an end to the Regional festivities, attendees split into their own Section gatherings.

At the section gatherings, there was much pizza and fellowship. Many attendees also played gaga-ball and other games with their fellow Northeast Region arrowmen. The Region and Section gatherings were an excellent event that allowed for much fun and fellowship to be shared between all NOAC delegates from the Northeast Region. Join us for NOAC 2020 at Michigan State to experience what will most definitely be another amazing Northeast Region Gathering!