Northeast Region NLS – March 2017

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When selected to be an Arrowman, a Scout displays that he has an aptitude for leadership and service. The Order of the Arrow recognizes that there is much leadership potential among Arrowmen and the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is designed to enhance the leadership skills for both youth and adult Arrowmen.

What is invaluable about these skills is that they are relevant not only in Scouting, but in the real-world. An Arrowman who develops the leadership skills at National Leadership Seminar will utilize them the rest of his life. NLS is a weekend training conference that focuses on working together as teams. Throughout the weekend these teams are taught leadership skills and implement what they learn via different scenarios to cement what was taught. It is an immersive experience where Arrowmen from all over the region meet and learn together.

Any Arrowman over the age of fifteen can attend NLS, but those who are in the position of officer, chairman, or advisor benefit the most from the conference. While not a requirement to attend NLS, it is prefered that Arrowmen from lodges that have completed a Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) attend NLS as the LLD provides a foundation for the skills taught at NLS. These recommended prerequisites are in place in order to prepare Arrowmen for the conference, as there is a great deal to learn in a short weekend.

Going through NLS is an experience like no other, as it develops leadership skills in a way that is different from a laborious, boring classroom style. In fact it’s quite the opposite, as the learning experience depends on audience participation and engagement. As mentioned before, the skills acquired from attending NLS can benefit an Arrowman not only for the rest of his scouting career, but in life. Through NLS, an Arrowman can expect to look at a situation in his lodge and be able to apply the right skills to address it. The conference addresses many different scenarios one may encounter in his lodge, while teaching the corresponding skills necessary to address it.

Arrowmen are natural leaders, but NLS aims to refine and sharpen these skills so that Arrowmen go from enthusiastic leaders, to effective and enthusiastic leaders. So if you are thinking about attending NLS, talk to your lodge adviser, because it is a weekend of training and fun that will last a lifetime!