The National Leadership Seminar, a premier training event

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With the 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) having passed, Arrowmen across the Northeast Region are gathering at lodge meetings and fellowship weekends to continue the service that the Order of the Arrow has done for well over a century. As new Arrowmen are being inducted into our brotherhood, so are new lodge officers being sworn in. As young leaders are assuming responsibilities within their lodges and chapters, so do others have the desire to follow suit. How can all of these young leaders gain the valuable skills they need to succeed? Look no further than the National Leadership Seminar (NLS)!

NLS provides the perfect opportunity to become a better leader. Not only does the course feature a recently-updated syllabus; it also is staffed by expert trainers from all over the Northeast Region. A recent attendee had this to say about his experience at NLS, “The friends and lessons that you meet from National Leadership Seminar are impactful, and they help teach you the skills to become a leader. These skills then help you shape the world in a positive way.”

If you or members of your lodge are looking to build upon your leadership akills, make friends from across the region or make valuable connections, talk to your lodge adviser about signing up for the National Leadership Seminar, which takes place at Camp Alpine from November 9-11, 2018.