Cub Scout Support

The Northeast Region Cub Scout Task Force was established to provide tools, best practices, programs and ideas to strengthen the relationship between the Order of the Arrow and the Cub Scout program. In the past several years, the committee of experienced youth and adults have created multiple resources and established several programs so the OA can support our boys and girls in blue.

As Scouting’s National Honor Society, we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the Scouting program and ensure the future of our organization. Use these resources as tools for your chapter, lodge, and section to take the lead in establishing a strong relationship with Cub Scouting. For more information about Cub Scouting, visit If you have any questions about the OA and Cub Scouting, please email us at


2017 Camping Guide

Get excited about Cub Scout Camping in 2017. This year we have a full year of opportunities for your Cubs to get out and experience the great outdoors and take part in exciting themed events. The 2017 Camping Guide is intended to help your family, Den, or Pack determine which programs and events are best suited for you.

Day Camp Awards

The Order of the Arrow has a rich and storied tradition in the over 100 year history of the Boy Scouts of America. These OA Summer Camp Awards exist to match the vision of our founder with the present needs of Scouting… to help more scouts have the benefit of an increasingly challenging and rewarding Summer Camp experience.

Cubs @ Fellowship Factsheet

Learn more about how your lodge can strengthen its relationship with local Cubs Scouts and help them become more familiar with the Boy Scouting program.

Cubs @ Conclave Factsheet

Learn more about a unique way your section can incorporate Cub Scouts into your upcoming conclave program.

2015 Cub Scout Webinar

Learn more about the importance of the Cub Scout program to the Order of the Arrow and what Arrowman can do to support our future scouts.

OA Training Resources

The Order of the Arrow has created training resources that can be used in Lodge Leadership Development programs and other chapter, lodge, section events to explore how the OA can better work with Cub Scouting.

Conclave Training Initiative Session 5: The OA and Cub Scouting - "The Order's Role"

This session discusses the Cub Scout program, introduces participants to the importance of supporting Cub Scouting and suggests ways that chapters and lodges can support Cub Scouting in their local councils. This session is ideal for Arrowmen interested in Cub Scouting and the role that the OA can play.

Outdoor Adventures for Boys and Girls in Blue

This session provides information on what opportunities exist for Cub Scouters. There is more to the program than just glitter paintings and macaroni art, resident and family camping opportunities can help bridge Cubs into the next level of scouting.

Webelos to Scout Transition

An important aspect of Cub Scouting is the cross over into the troop. This change of environment may be difficult for a Cub to handle and you may need to get the Cub excited about Boy Scouting. In this session you will learn how to move from Webelos to Boy Scouts with ease.

The Boys and Girls in Blue are our future!

This session covers many of the opportunities an Arrowman has to ensure our future by reaching out to the youngest members of the BSA, including: Cub Scout camp promotion, Cub Scout recruitment, and Webelos to Boy Scout transition.This session covers many of the opportunities an Arrowman has to ensure our future by reaching out to the youngest members of the BSA, including: Cub Scout camp promotion, Cub Scout recruitment, and Webelos to Boy Scout transition.

Adventures in Boy Scouting

Designed to be delivered at Webelo-To-Scout transition orientations, this presentation goes through the ins and outs of the WTS transition and how to be effective during this period of the highest drop-out in membership. Having the OA involved in the presentation can help create a link between the OA and Cubs and shows the parents the types of leaders their child can become.

Adventures in Cub Scouting - Document

Used in combination with the NER Adventures in Boy Scouting presentation, this document covers in-depth material useful to both the parent and advancing Scout during the WTS transition phase.

Den Chief Plan

OA members serving as a Den Chief can create a vital link between the OA and Cubs. Use this document to help familiarize yourself with the role of the Den Chief and how the OA can take a more active lead in this opportunistic leadership position.

Cubclave Development Guide

As the name suggests, Cubclave is hybrid event mixing Conclave and Cub Scouts creating an unique opportunity for Arrowmen and Cub packs alike. Use this guide to help in implementing your own Cubclave program.

2016 Cub Scout Webinar

As interested and concerned members of one of the Nation's largest youth organizations, we are faced with an ever growing challenge as membership numbers continue to decline. Like most noble things in life, a solid foundation is the core element to quality growth and continuation. Cub Scouts, therefore, ARE the foundation to Scouting's membership. As the future to the Scouting movement, Cub Scouts are imperative in keeping the organization alive. When considering OA/Cub relations keep in mind your council's recruitment and retention programs. Apart from typical lodge related Cub activities, there are a variety other ways which you can help the Cub cause within your council. Much like in Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts are the future of the Order. As the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts, the Order of the Arrow is deeply concerned with the growing membership issue and is striving to further enhance its OA/Cub Scout relations.

2016 Cub Scout Webinar Outline

This webinar focused on the importance of OA/Cub relations and how you as a lodge leader can better assist your council with their Cub recruitment and retention efforts. Unlike previous training on similar topics, we focused on membership and finance issue and discussed how your lodge can help with your council efforts as well as ways to engage the council and lodge members to on board them with your programs. Much like the work of many regional planning organizations, an issue such as Cub Scout membership is one that cannot be addressed independently without bringing together the lodge and council in collaborative efforts.